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Industry and manufacturing.This page displays a collection of environmental and sustainability (green) online videos about industry and manufacturing. Video topics include sustainable manufacturing, green product and packaging design, zero waste manufacturing, closed loop production, pollution prevention, manufacturing waste management, and whistleblower protection.

Conventional industry and manufacturing practices often fail to consider the environmental consequences of production. These begin with the extraction of raw materials, run throughout the manufacturing process, and extend to disposal at the end of a products' useful life. Sustainable manufacturing takes these environmental externalities into consideration and minimizes harm. Whistleblowers can sometimes help bring to light environmental negligence by industry, and protecting whistleblowers is important to ensuring that the environmental impacts of industry and manufacturing are understood.

"" Are Viruses the Way to Green Manufacturing? Online presentation by Angela Belcher. Her work has already led to efficient solar cells and powerful batteries (that she hopes one day will be good enough to run her car), and a possibly cheaper, greener way of producing plastics. About 3 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Green Manufacturing At Interscapes. Describes how the cabinet making company Interscapes works to utilize green manufacturing practices. About 1 minute. Play Video >>

"" Green Manufacturing Project: Nanomaterials. Online presentation by Dr. Siddharth Patwardhan of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He explains a new collaborative project to enable manufacturing of functional nanomaterials using “SynBio.” About 6 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Green Manufacturing: Recycling Polymers In Steelmaking. Presentation by Professor Veena Sahajwalla on recycling end-of-life polymers in steelmaking. This is an example of a successful application of research by industry. About 27 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Green Manufacturing & Sustainability. Examines how machine builders are becoming more energy-efficient and saving on raw materials in an effort to achieve sustainable manufacturing. About 9 minutes. Play Video >>

"" High Tech Trash. Presentation by Elizabeth Grossman, who speaks about her book, High Tech Trash. It reveals the environmental and public health harms are being felt as a result of mountains of old batteries, plastic computer casings, lead-infused monitors, discarded cellphones, TV remote controls, and other "e-waste" is piling up in landfills and leaching dangerous toxins. About 57 minutes. Play Video >>

"" India Green Manufacturing Challenge. Describes an effort to engage Indian manufacturing facilities in a competitive program on the adoption of green manufacturing practices through training, evaluation and recognition. About 6 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Lean & Green In Your Business. Presentation excerpt by Pamela Gordon in which she discusses the concept of zero waste and how it applies to greening businesses. About 6 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Lean & Green Manufacturing. Impact Washington and the Washington State Department of Ecology worked with AccraFab, a Washington manufacturing company that specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, to reduce waste water generated in their plating process. This success story demonstrates that what was good for the environment was also very good for the bottom line. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Lean & Green: Profit for Your Business and the Environment. Online presentation by Pamela Gordon in which she describes how her book dispels the myth that a business has to choose between making a profit and protecting the environment. It provides more than 100 examples of environmental practices from prominent companies, including Intel, Louisiana-Pacific, and Polaroid, that bring savings or new sources of revenue to an enterprise. About 3 minutes. Play Video >>

"" The Promise of Green Chemistry. Presentation by Elizabeth Grossman to the Commonwealth Club. Environmental pollutants have a profound effect on human health. Grossman illustrates the potential for green chemistry to revolutionize the materials we make, how they’re used, and the possible benefits to our health and environment. About 64 minutes. Play Video >>