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Communities & DevelopmentOnline videos of interviews and presentations included in this section focus on sustainable communities, land use, city planning and design, ecological cities, revitalizing cities, smart growth and urban change. Topics include land use law and planning, regional planning, planning land use and transportation together, and protection of ranchland and farmland on the urban edge.

Specific issues include planning and designing livable cities, the ecocity concept of designing ecologically sound (green) cities, dealing with flight to the suburbs, and the new urbanism movement. This section also includes videos that discuss growth management, sustainable community economic development, responsible land use and transportation policies, and the importance of city design in addressing climate change.

Strategies for Urban Change. Presentation excerpt by Gwendolyn Hallsmith. Hallsmith speaks on the need for a new approach to city planning, an approach driven more by looking at the future than at the past. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

Reinventing & Revitalizing Our Cities. Presentation by Michael Harcourt. Explains why it is important to reenergize inner cities to address the harms caused by flight to the suburbs. About 1 minute. Play Video >> | Play QuickTime >>

Urban Re:Vision Interviews - Part 1. Presentation excerpts by Eric Corey Freed. Discusses the broad variety of approaches and ideas that were among the entries submitted at the Urban Re:Vision competition. About 7 minutes. Play Video - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

About Ecological Cities. Online interview with Richard Register. Describes and defines ecological cities and provides a variety of examples of ecological cities around the world. About 50 minutes. Play Video >>

On the Concept of the Ecocity. Presentation excerpts by Richard Register. Register describes how 35 years ago he became interested in the ecological design of cities, explains the concept of the ecocity, and underlines the importance of rethinking how we build cities for the future. About 8 minutes. Play Video >>

The Politics of Planning. Presentation by Karen Walz. Segment (starts at 21:50) of a panel presentation at the National Building Museum that explored how planners can build on Olmsted Jr.'s work and enact bold, wide-ranging plans and discussed large-scale collaborative planning projects and challenges at various levels of government. About 19 minutes. Play Video >>

Expressing Sustainability, Map By Map. Presentation excerpt by Wendy Brawer. Using the community as the classroom and drawing out youth perspectives on their home place, Green Mapping has had amazing impacts including transforming a young person's view of what they can do as a “citizen designer.” About 12 minutes. Play Video >>

On The Green Map System. Presentation excerpt by Wendy Brawer. Brawer visited Finland in 2012 to present a talk about the Green Map System and what can be accomplished using it. About 7 minutes. Play Video >>

Designing for the Future: Smart Growth. Students from the New School of Architecture and Design study four blighted sites in the San Diego region and develop concepts to improve the quality of life in these areas by implementing the principles of smart growth. About 29 minutes. Play Video >>

The Fiscal Implications of Development Patterns. Smart Growth America presents a new tool to help towns, cities, and counties understand what financial returns their development currently generates—and what strategies could generate better returns in the future. About 59 minutes. Play Video >>

The Benefits of Transit Oriented Development. Presentation by Brian Leary. The former President and CEO of the Atlanta Beltline discusses the benefits of transit-oriented development and walkable places. About 17 minutes. Play Video >>

New Urbanism 101: Principles of New Urbanism. New urbanists measure success by aligning practical strategies with the principles most identified with places people love. Andres Duany, one of the founders of the movement, talks about the components of community, the failure of post-WWII planning to deliver them, and what new urbanists have learned about restoring relationships between planning, design, and great places. About 60 minutes. Play Video >>

Walkable Cities. Presentation by Kent Larson. Larson is Director of the Changing Places research group and co-directs the City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. His research group is developing strategies to create high-performance technology-enabled places that respond to an aging population and to new ways of living and working. About 17 minutes. Play Video >>

Brilliant Designs To Fit More People In Every City. Presentation by Kent Larson. How can we fit more people into cities without overcrowding? Larson shows off folding cars, quick-change apartments, and other innovations that could make the city of the future work a lot like a small village of the past. About 17 minutes. Play Video >>

Sustainable Community Development: From What's Wrong To What's Strong. A TEDx presentation by Cormac Russell. Russell is Managing Director of Nurture Development, the leading Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) organization in Europe. He works with local communities, NGOs and governments on asset-based community development and other strengths-based approaches. About 18 minutes. Play Video >>

Creating Sustainable Communities. To develop sustainably is to consider and manage the social, economic and environmental impacts of our built environment. When we do this well, we create quality communities which support our natural environment and are built to last. About 3 minutes. Play Video >>

Terramor Village: One of the Largest Sustainable Communities in the Country. Terramor, a sustainable community in Orange County, is one of the largest sustainable communities in the country. Built on 4000 acres of land, Terramor boasts 1,260 residences in 12 distinctive neighborhoods. About 5 minutes. Play Video >>