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Water Supply & Resources

Water Supply & ResourcesOnline videos of interviews and presentations included in this section focus on water resources, water conservation, water supply, water quality, water pollution, water recycling, and water ecosystems. Topics include the protection and restoration of oceans, coral reefs, estuaries, coastal wetlands, whales and marine mammals, sea turtles, beaches, lakes, rivers and streams, watersheds, and aquifers.

Specific issues include fisheries management, invasive species, dead zones, offshore drilling, aquifer recharge, levees, and dam construction and removal. This section also includes videos that discuss potable water supply, rainwater catchments, urban and industrial wastewater, grey water reuse, nutrient pollution, water efficiency, water treatment, and prevention of water borne diseases.

You Can Make A Difference. Presentation excerpts by Rob Caughlan. A brief introduction to Caughlan's 40+ years of environmental experience as an activist, a comunicator, and a political advisor. Includes samples from various presentations. About 8 minutes. Play Video >> | Play QuickTime >>

A Brave New Ocean Or An Ocean Revolution? Presentation by Wallace 'J' Nichols. Nichols gives a presentation on the ocean crisis, his work with sea turles, and the need for ocean revolutionaries at the 2007 Bioneers Conference. About 40 minutes. Play Video >>

Saving the Ocean (Start at 12:15). Presentation by David Helvarg. Helvarg discusses ocean conservation at the 2007 Hawaii Conservation Conference, including the historical, industrial, economic and social factors that account for our current crisis. About 30 minutes. Play Video >>

We're Running Out of Water. Online interview with Eric Corey Freed. Freed explains the three-prong approach used to lower water usage in buildings: conservation, grey water reuse, and rainwater catchment. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

50 Ways to Save the Ocean. Presentation excerpts by David Helvarg. Selected excerpts from Helvarg's presentation at the 5th anniversary of the Scripps Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation. About 6 minutes. Play Video >>

Dams in Southern Africa, India And Australia - Part 1. Online interview with Jacques Leslie. Leslie discusses his book Deep Water and provides examples of dams in various parts of the world that illustrate the environmental, economic, and social costs of the more than 45,000 large dams world-wide. About 30 minutes. Play Video - Part 1, 2, 3.

Offshore Drilling: Democracy Now. Online interview with David Helvarg. Helvarg discusses President Bush's 2008 call to lift the ban on offshore drilling - and its potential consequences. About 11 minutes. Play Video >>

Deep Water: The Epic Struggle Over Dams, Displaced People, and the Environment. Presentation by Jacques Leslie. Leslie discusses his book Deep Water at Book Passages in Marin, including selected readings and a question and answer period with the audience. About 52 minutes. Play Video >>

If Surfers Can Make A Difference, Any of Us Can. Presentation excerpt by Rob Caughlan. Caughlan discusses his involvement with the Surfrider Foundation and their victory in what Newsweek called the "second largest clean water enforcement action in the nation's history." About 1 minute. Play Video >> | Play QuickTime >>

"" Gambling on Water in Nevada. Your Environmental Road Trip (YERT) explores water rights issues in Nevada, a fast growing state with limited water resources. Discusses the proposal of a water pipeline from eastern Nevada to Las Vegas as well as some simple measures individuals can take to conserve water. YERT is a year-long eco-expedition through all fifty US states. About 5 minutes. Play Video >>