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Curbside Recycling Collection

Recycling trucks collecting recycled newspapers, bottles, and cans from bins set out at curbside.

8 Stock Video Clips TRT: 3 Minutes 32 Seconds

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About The Clips: This group contains footage of two different residential recycling trucks picking up curbside recyclables in residential neighborhoods. In the first group, the truck drives up and stops in front of houses with recycling bins at the curb. The driver picks up the bins, carries them to the truck, empties them into the appropriate container on the side of the truck, and carries the empty bins back to the curb. Shot of a "Now Garbage Day is Recycle Day!" sign on the truck. Shot of the truck's containers being elevated and their contents emptied into the truck. Shot of the truck driving away. The second group of clips starts with a different type of recycling truck being driven up to a residence. The driver gets out, picks up recycling bins, and empties them into containers on the side of the truck. The driver hops back in the truck, drives a few feet to the next house, and gets out to pick up more bins. Shots of the driver loading glass and plastic into the truck's containers. Shot of containers on the side of the truck being elevated, their contents dumped into the truck, the empty containers being lowered, and the truck being driven down the street to the next house. There are also shots of the same truck from a front angle being driven up to a house, the driver picking up bins, and emptying them.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Source separation reduces contamination, and this often allows a "higher" use of the recycled materials (more valuable both economically and environmentally). These clips show source separated recycling programs that have bins for newspaper, glass/aluminum, and plastics. Single stream recycling programs have one bin for all materials, and sorting is done at a recycling facility.

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Clip Group #: vs0188 | Curbside Recycling Collection

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