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Commercial Building Daylighting

Interior and rooftop shots of commercial building daylighting using solar electric thin film glass skylights.

27 Stock Video Clips TRT: 11 Minutes 45 Seconds

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About The Clips: These clips show two green building design technologies used together - skylights to decrease the need for artificial lighting combined with solar electric "thin film" added to the glass skylight panes to convert them into solar electricity producers. Panning shots from an office area to a large skylight above, with bright sunlight replacing artificial lighting. Skylights significantly increase the amount of natural light in a room while reducing the number of light fixtures needed and the amount of electricity consumed. Shots of a triangular shaped skylight replacing light fixtures in the hallway of a commercial office building. Zoom in to medium shot of skylight glass panes and frames with sunlight entering. Wide shot and pans of a skylight with a beveled ceiling that allows even more sunlight penetration. Pans up and down to hallway from skylight. Varied zooms and static holds looking up at a wide skylight above a glass front entryway. One static shot with the direct sun shining through the skylight. Pans up and down between the skylight and the lobby with glass front doors. Wide, medium, and close ups of skylights shot from on the roof. Pan down from a clear blue sky to an angled shot showing three skylights. Pans and zooms showing the white heat reflecting and energy conserving roof surface. All of the skylights in this collection generate electricity from a photovoltaic thin film that is sprayed onto the glass panes and then laser etched to admit light. Multiple zoom-ins to close up of semi-transparent solar thin film glass pane. Zoom in to a close up of the entryway skylight showing the connections at the edges of the solar glass panes. Rooftop close ups showing lines in the solar substrate in the glass pane.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Daylighting, a form of passive solar, involves using natural sunlight to reduce energy consumption from artificial lighting in a building. The use of semi-transparent solar thin film sprayed glass in the skylights adds electricity generation to the benefits of the technique. Both daylighting and solar electricity are important elements of clean and efficient green building design.

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