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This page of Online Videos is an index of our videos, including presentations, presentation excerpts, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, TV appearances, and eco-performances, for authors and speakers with last names starting with “F.”

John Fain

"" Leading a Natural Healthy Lifestyle. TV interview with John Fain. Natural foods entrepreneur John Fain is featured on Living Smart with Patricia Gras. He shares what you need to know about organic foods, supplements, and vitamins. As more and more Americans turn to alternative health care, this natural foods pioneer explains how to lead a naturally healthy lifestyle. About 27 minutes. Play Video >>

David Farnell

"" Gill Deacon Show - Organic Wines. TV interview with David Farnell. Sommelier David Farnell shares his expertise about organic wines and how they differ from non-organic wines. About 8 minutes. Play Video >>

Alex Farrell

"" California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Alex Farrell, director of the U.C. Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center, discusses California's low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) plan and possible nationwide implementation using it as a model. About 10 minutes. Play Video >>

Diana Farrell

"" Curbing Global Energy Demand Growth: The Energy Productivity Opportunity. Diana Farrell, Director of McKinsey Global Institute, discusses their Institute's new report. Washington, D.C., May 17, 2007. About 27 minutes. Play Video >>

John Floberg

"" Sustainable Urban Ecosystems: Management. Forestry experts Dr. Bruce Bare, Sarah Reichard, Mark Mead, Stacy Ray, and John Floberg discuss the sustainable management of Seattle's parks and urban forest systems in the Puget Sound area, including restoring these forests through the Green Seattle Partnership. About 58 minutes. Play Video >>

Dr. Stephen R. Forrest

"" Electronics on Plastic: A Solution to the Energy Challenge, or a Pipe Dream? Dr. Stephen R. Forrest of the University of Michigan discusses the potential for using carbon based organic materials for solar power generation and lighting. About 84 minutes. Play Video >>

Jody Freeman

"" The Role of Ethics in the Legal Response to Climate Change. Jody Freeman, Professor of Law and the founding Director of the Harvard Law School Environmental Law Program, discusses the role of ethical and legal frameworks in response to climate change. About 85 minutes. Play Video >>

Thomas Friedman

"" Not Your Parent's Energy Crisis. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman shares his thoughts on "why this is not your parent's energy crisis" and why we need to redefine the term green. About 20 minutes. Play Video >>

Dr. Vasilis Fthenakis

"" Introduction To Photovoltaics Environmental Health And Safety. Dr. Vasilis Fthenakis, a scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, gives an introduction to photovoltaics and then discusses the environmental health and safety factors associated with them. About 84 minutes. Play Video >>

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