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Green & Sustainable Communities & Development Online Radio & AudioOnline audio programs, including presentations, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries with a broad focus on how to make a healthier and more sustainable city, new urban development concepts and their relationships to transportation, water, energy and waste, and the concepts of an ecological city and ecological city design.

Specific topics include ways for communities to prepare for global warming, large-scale collaborative planning projects, building community maps and guides, a new approach to the concrete and pavement rights-of-way in big cities, large site and city design, re-structuring of America’s 19th-century cities, the changing suburban landscape, re-imagining the suburbs, what an Eco City is and how the concept will help address many of the planet’s current problems, and what the future of Eco Cities holds.

The Politics of Planning. Presentation by Karen Walz. Segment of a panel presentation at the National Building Museum that explored how planners can build on Olmsted Jr.'s work and enact bold, wide-ranging plans and discussed large-scale collaborative planning projects and challenges at various levels of government. Listen Here >>

Founding The Green Map System. Interview with Wendy Brawer. The Green Map System is an online platform for building community maps and guides to green living, nature and cultural resources. Green Map is now a presence in close to 900 communities in 65 countries. As Brawer remembers, it all started back in 1991, when she and a group of inspirational people from around the world were in New York City, preparing for the Earth Summit. Listen Here >>

Re-Designing Cities: Tips On Making The Most Of Concrete. Interview with Hillary Brown. NPR’s Living On Earth focuses on architect Hillary Brown, author of Next-Generation Infrastructure: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works. Brown offers tips on how to make a healthier and more sustainable city utilizing a new approach to the miles and miles of concrete and pavement rights-of-way in big cities. Listen Here >>

Interview With Renowned Architect Peter Ellis. Interview conducted by David Gottfried. Ellis discusses his work on very large site and city design, including Jaypee Sports City that is home to a million people in India, 30 miles south of New Delhi. His city and campus design practice embraces new concepts on transportation, water, energy and waste. Another specialty is the re-structuring of America’s 19th-century cities, focusing on how they could contribute positively to the natural environment. Listen Here >>

On The Book: City Making in Paradise. Online interview with Mike Harcourt. Former premier of British Columbia and Vancouver mayor, Harcourt discusses his book with Joseph Planta. It looks at the public policy and planning decisions that made the Greater Vancouver region as livable as it is today. Listen Here >>

Re-Imagining The Suburbs. A discussion panel including Eric Corey Freed. A discussion of the changing suburban landscape. Freed is a judge for Reburbia, a design competition dedicated to re-envisioning the suburbs. Listen Here >>

Cities Preparing For Peak Oil & Global Warming. Online interview with Richard Register. Explores ways for communities to prepare for peak oil and global warming. What would our cities look like, and what can planners do to help us get there? Listen Here >>

On Ecological City Design. Online interview with Richard Register. David Room of Global Public Media interviews Register about his organization Ecocity Builders, about the concept of an ecological city, and about the principles of ecological design. Listen Here >>

Sustainable 1000: Building, Community and Academia. Discussion including Dan Chiras. Discussion focuses on how sustainability is affecting building, community and academia. Sustainable 1000 radio is part of the eco road trip to explore 1000 stories across 48 states in 222 days. Listen Here >>

Eco Cities and Our Future. Online interview with Richard Register. Register discusses what an Eco City is, why they will help with many of our planet’s current problems, and what the future of Eco Cities holds. Listen Here >>

Urban Ecology & Our Balance With Nature. Online interview with Richard Register. Since most of the population of the world lives in cities, how we can live in cities in balance with nature is a crucial issue of survival. Register links this challenge to our auto-dependent sprawling cities and towns and digs into what can be done and what is being done to craft creative, inspiring and community oriented solutions. Listen Here >>

Designing Streets and Parking for Livability. Online interview with Dom Nozzi. Discussion of transportation planning and design in Ottawa. Covers designing streets and parking for livability, efficiency, and safety, and concludes that widening roads or expanding free parking can be inefficient and counterproductive to community objectives and transportation choice. Listen Here >>

Smart Growth America Webinars. This webinar series discusses topics ranging from a comprehensive “complete streets” policy, to design for pedestrian safety, to the relationship between sprawl and American’s prosperity, health and quality of life, as well as many other smart growth related topics. Listen Here >>

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