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EcoIntelligence communication and environment articles, speeches, and interviews.This section contains articles, reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts about the environment, sustainability, and communication. Subjects encompass all forms of media, communication and persuasion strategies, methods, techniques, and forms of dissemination.

Issues span green and social marketing, environmental advertising, press and media relations, environmental writing and journalism, photography, video production, internet website design and promotion, online video, podcasting and other new media, radio and television programming, and green printing and publishing. Articles address what works and what doesn't and how to be an effective communicator about sustainability-related subjects and issues. They also deal with the environmental impacts of our communication methods. Environmental costs and considerations will play a growing role in choosing the methods used to communicate on all green-related topics and will affect advertisers, journalists, bloggers, photographers, videographers, promoters, and publishers.

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Leveraging Purpose: The Fourth Bottom Line. Article by John Marshall Roberts. The main cause of inertia on sustainability issues isn't material or intellectual - it's emotional. Most people just don't take action (of any kind) unless they feel it will impact them directly. So how can you help your coworkers locate that sense of purpose? Tell 'em a great story. Article >> More about John Marshall Roberts >>

Three Species Of Environmental Cynicism. Article by John Marshall Roberts. Have you ever been frustrated by the cynicism and apathy that you encounter when trying to convey our environmental challenges to a non-believer? If you answered yes, then keep reading. Article >> More about John Marshall Roberts >>

Museums Moving To Fill Gap On Climate Information, Education. Article by Julie Halpert. This piece for The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media explores how museums are filling the void left from dwindling beats on environmental publications. Article >>

EPA Ann Arbor Vehicle Emissions Lab Offers Reporters Fertile Ground for Stories. Article by Julie Halpert. Tips for journalists seeking information from the Environmental Protection Agency lab. Article >>

Covering Autos, Climate, and Energy: Overcoming Challenges Facing the Media. Article by Julie Halpert. This article from The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media provides tips to journalists seeking to cover the automobile industry. Article >>

Marvel at Wild Animals – From a Distance. Article by Chris Palmer. Discusses the recent killer whale attack on it's trainer at SeaWorld and the broader issue of keeping wild animals in captivity. Palmer talks about the complexities of the interaction between humans and wildlife, both in and out of captivity, and the effects of how animals are portrayed in the media. Article >> More about Chris Palmer >>

Recurring Nightmare. Article by Dale Willman. Willman suggests that broadcast news can have a large impact on environmental issues. He evaluates the differences between print and broadcast television and radio journalism and says it would be a mistake to see broadcasters as lightweights relative to their print counterparts. Article >> More about Dale Willman >>

Good Stories Bear Repeating. Article by Dale Willman. "Advertisers learned long ago that recognition comes with repetition. Yet it's a lesson many journalists still don't seem to understand. We do countless Michael Jackson and Laci Peterson stories and then wonder why that's all the public seems to talk about." Willman discusses what environmental journalists can learn from this. Article >> More about Dale Willman >>

NPR’s Living On Earth: Grasping The Goal Of A Green GDP. Transcript of radio story by Dale Willman. "After much planning, the US Commerce Department has taken the first step towards measuring the Gross Domestic Product with an environmental perspective. It's issued a valuation of non-renewable resources such as coal, petroleum and minerals. But greening the GDP has a long way to go..." Transcript >> More about Dale Willman >>

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