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EcoIQ created EcoSpeakers.com to promote speakers for conferences, meetings, training programs, and community, business, and university speaker series. It includes more than 200 accomplished leaders, authors, and advocates with a track record of effectiveness and vision.

Our speakers have made tens of thousands of speeches and presentations all over the world. They have informed and inspired millions with messages of hope and direction for the creation of a sustainable future. They know that individuals can make a difference because they have made a difference. Their experiences and speaking subjects cover all aspects of environment and sustainability. Visit EcoSpeakers.com here.

The EcoSpeakers site offers several sections that will be of interest to those working to promote a sustainable future even if they are not currently searching for a speaker. They include The EcoSpeakers Bookstore (our speakers have written hundreds of books, including many that have become classics in their fields), a collection of online videos featuring our speakers, resources to green your events and event related travel, an extensive listing of online event planning resources and tools, and a portal to websites covering the full range of environmental and sustainability issues.

Other EcoIQ online resources promoting the work of speakers and writers include The EcoOutlet Bookstore, the EcoIQTV.com collection of online videos, the EcoIQ Magazine, and EcoIQ’s Online Articles, Audio Programs, and Syndicated Features.

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