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EcoIntelligence agriculture, food, and fiber articles, speeches, and interviews.This section contains articles, reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts on agriculture, food, and fiber. Topics include sustainable agriculture, industrial agriculture, the world food supply, factory farming, chemical and pesticide use, animal rights, fisheries, local food, organic produce, and more.

Agriculture, food processing, shipment, preparation, and consumption have large impacts on both our health and the health of natural ecosystems. Global warming and urban growth are reducing the land and water resources available to meet our global food needs, while poplulation growth and more people eating higher on the food chain are increasing those needs. Chemicals used in the food production process harm farm workers, farm animals, soils, freshwater quality, and river and ocean ecosystems. To meet our current food needs without negatively affecting future generations, it is critical that we implement sustainable agriculture practices.

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Ethanol Could Leave The World Hungry. Article by Lester Brown. The myth that corn is a cure-all for our energy woes is leading us toward a potentially dangerous global fight for food. While crop-based ethanol - the latest craze in alternative energy - promises a guilt-free way to keep our gas tanks full, it could leave much of the world hungry. Article >>

Energy And Sustainable Agriculture. Presentation by L. Hunter Lovins. Agriculture lies at the heart of civilization. Cultures that mistreat their soils do not long endure. Modern agriculture seems in many ways to be the pinnacle of human achievement, enabling fewer farmers to feed more of humanity than ever before. Yet much of the practice is unsustainable. Presentation >> More about L. Hunter Lovins >>

The Meat Of The Matter: The U.S. Livestock Industry Creates More Greenhouse Gas Than Transportation. Article by Jim Motavalli. Ask most Americans about what causes global warming, and they’ll point to a coal plant smokestack or a car’s tailpipe. They’re right, of course, but perhaps two other images should be granted similarly iconic status: the front and rear ends of a cow. Article >> More about Jim Motavalli >>

The Ethical Gourmet. Book excerpt by Jay Weinstein. The book's subtitle sums it up well: "How to Enjoy Great Food That Is Humanely Raised, Sustainable, Nonendangered, and That Replenishes the Earth." Book Excerpt >> More about Jay Weinstein >>

Think Globally Act Locally. Book excerpt by Jay Weinstein. “Seasonality” has become a catchword for modern chefs seeking to prove the authenticity of their regional foods. But many consumers ask, “Why not use Costa Rican asparagus in midwinter if it looks good?” Book Excerpt >> More about Jay Weinstein >>

Washington on Green Eating. Online Q&A with Jay Weinstein. Looking to make your fridge a little greener and dinner plate a little more ethical? Sprig's editor Jeanie Pyun and food contributor Jay Weinstein take questions and suggestions online about green cooking and eating, and on everything else having to do with living a life that is both stylish and environmental. Q&A Transcript >> More about Jay Weinstein >>

Fish Being Disastrously Depleted. Article by Reese Halter. "The Chinese, Japanese and Russians will not support a world measure to stop overfishing sharks. The United Nations will not unanimously protect the endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna. So now it’s up to the citizens of our planet to help nature." Article >> More about Reese Halter >>

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