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EcoIntelligence forestry and forest ecosystems articles, speeches, and interviews.This section contains forestry and forest ecosystems articles, reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts. From construction materials to copy paper, trees are used to produce a huge range of products. Unsustainable logging practices, agriculture, and urban expansion all threaten our remaining intact forests. In turn, the watersheds vital to our water supply are damaged, soil erosion is accelerated, and critical habitat is reduced and fragmented for a large number of endangered species of animals and plants.

The preservation and expansion of forests, benefiting people and wildlife while at the same time extracting forest products to meet human needs, is accomplished through the implementation of sustainable forestry practices. Forestry and forest ecosystem topics include sustainable logging, temperate and tropical rainforest protection, wood as a biofuel, green certified wood and lumber, sustainable paper products, paper and wood recycling, forest habitat threats and ecosystem protection strategies, reforestation, restoration, and tree planting.

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Trees, Truffles, And Beasts: How Forests Function. Book excerpt by Chris Maser. Trees, Truffles, And Beasts (Buy Here >>) is an introduction to the world of mycorrhizal fungi in forests and their importance in food webs as highlighted by truffles. It should encourage readers to investigate further the intricate and essential interactions occurring in forests. A clear and compelling argument that there's much more to forests than meets the eye. Book Excerpt >> Buy Here >> More about Chris Maser >>

Forest Certification In Sustainable Development: Healing The Landscape. Book excerpt by Chris Maser. Forest Certification in Sustainable Development (Buy Here >>) highlights the history, importance, and rewards of forest certification. Discusses the issues involved in mainstream forestry as it is currently practiced, and what can be done to create sustainable forestry. Book Excerpt >> Buy Here >> More about Chris Maser >>

Conference & Campus Speakers On
Forestry & Forest Ecosystems Here >>


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