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Stock Footage Clips In Big Packages Averaging Less Than $1 Per Clip displays more than 5,000 royalty-free video stock footage clips. On the pages linked below you will find a comprehensive listing that describes small groups of these clips. For each group, the information provided includes number of clips, total running time, topical description, price, QuickTime preview, and still images. Purchases are non-refundable.

Clip Groups purchased royalty free are delivered as DV NTSC 720X480 QuickTime files. Customers interested in purchasing groups of clips as QuickTime files can get more information here.

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Cities, Communities & Development
Energy, Conservation & Renewables
Transportation & Communication
Mining & Metals
Farming, Ranching, Food & Fiber

Forestry & Forest Products
Water Resources
Air Quality & Global Warming
Solid Waste, Recycling & Reuse
The Natural Environment (Land & Air)

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