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Oil Refinery & Storage Tanks

Oil refinery with distillation towers, piping, vents, storage tanks, and an adjacent residential neighborhood.

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About The Clips: Zoom out from stacks revealing the full height of distillation towers (aka, cracking towers) and ending in a wide shot of an oil refinery. Zoom out from close up of the refinery showing a maze of piping and towers. Close up of smoke and steam being released from a stack. Medium shot of a tall stack with smoke and steam being emitted from a lower stack behind it. Panning shot from the refinery to an adjacent field of large storage tanks. Zoom out from a residential neighborhood to a medium and then a wide shot of the storage tanks.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Oil refineries are an excellent symbol of our addiction to oil and of our dependence on cars. In addition there are environmental and human health and safety issues related to refineries due to their air and water pollution impacts as well as to regular accidents and spills.

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