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Bulldozer Moving Recycled Concrete

Shots of a bulldozer pushing recycled concrete up a massive pile and over the edge.

14 Stock Video Clips TRT: 7 Minutes 23 Seconds

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About The Clips: Shot of a massive bulldozer backing down a huge pile of recycled, crushed concrete (aka, base rock) recovered from demolition debris. At the bottom of the pile the bulldozer lowers its blade and moves back up the pile pushing crushed concrete in front of it. The shot pans to follow the bulldozer going up the pile, showing the sloping face of the concrete. Close-ups of concrete being pushed over the edge by a bulldozer and creating a small rockslide. Close-up shot of the recycled concrete showing crushed concrete pieces, a few pieces of wood, and some other materials. Close-up shot of a bulldozer appearing from behind a mound of concrete and pushing concrete up a pile. Close-up shots of a bulldozer backing down a concrete pile and disappearing behind a mound of concrete. Pan and static wide shots of a massive pile of recycled concrete. Shots of a bulldozer reaching the top of the pile and pushing concrete over the edge. The concrete cascades down slope. Static wide shot of a pile of concrete as a dump truck loaded with material drives past right before a bulldozer enters the frame. The bulldozer gets to the top of the pile and pushes concrete over the edge. The shot then zooms in on the bulldozer as it backs down the pile.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Recycling concrete saves money on disposal costs, saves energy on quarrying new rock, reduces the burden on landfills, and reduces disruption of the natural environment from quarry operations. Recycled concrete can be used for a variety of construction purposes such as underlay for parking lots or beneath concrete slabs for houses. Recycled concrete that has wood pieces removed can be used in roadway foundations.

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