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Two-Way Buy-Sell Electric Meters

Two-way buy-sell residential electric meters mounted outside homes with solar panel electricity generation.

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About The Clips: Zoom in to close up of an electric meter in direct sun with a sign on the front that reads "AC Solar Photovoltaic Power." Residential two-way electric meter (aka, watt-hour meter) housed in a wood box with a cutout for the meter. Zoom in to close up of the meter with a "Sell<-->Buy" sticker indicating which direction the meter will turn when electricity is being bought from or sold back to the utility. Zoom out from an electric meter and solar panel control equipment to a wide shot of the front of a house with solar photovoltaic cells on the roof, then reverse zoom. Close up of a residential electric meter turning "backward" from excess electricity being generated by solar panels on the roof of a home. Pan from electric meter to an adjacent box labeled "Solar Electric System AC Disconnect." Panning shot following a pipe of enclosed wire going from an electric meter to a box labeled "AC Breakers."

Comments On Clip Subjects: An electric meter measuring the sale of electricity to a utility illustrates that solar power is a viable alternative energy source.

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