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Electric Motor Bike

An electric motorized bicycle being driven down a street and close-up views of the bicycle's components.

27 Stock Video Clips TRT: 6 Minutes 19 Seconds

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About The Clips: Rear and front angle portrait shots of an electric motor powered recumbent bicycle propped up by a kickstand. Shot of a cyclist getting on the bicycle and putting his foot on the pedal in preparation to ride. Shots of the cyclist riding down a street, both moving toward the camera and moving away from the camera. Zoom out and pan as cyclist pedals along a street. Shots of the cyclist pedaling away down a street. Close-up of a battery pack attached to the bicycle frame and then zoom out to a wide shot. Then reverse. Pan from the bike's shadow on the ground to a front view of the bike. Side angle view of the bicycle then zoom in to the bicycle chain and one of the battery packs. Zooms in and out between a wide shot of the bicycle and a close-up of the chain rings and cranks. Pan from the rear derailleur and cassette along the chain and lower part of the frame to the cranks and pedals. Then reverse. Shot with the front wheel and hub motor in foreground. Close-up of the electric motor controls and zoom out to show the handlebars and windshield. Close-up of the battery level indicator and gear shifter then zoom out to handlebars. Close-up of water bottle attached to handlebars and zoom out to wide shot of bicycle.

Comments On Clip Subjects: The environmental benefits of an electric bicycle depend on the source of the electricity used and the form of transportation it replaces. Time can also be saved by avoiding auto traffic and searching for a parking space. The bike shown in these clips is custom fitted with three 36 V lead-acid batteries and has a top speed of almost 30 MPH. Range increases as the rider pedals more, but this bike can go 20 MPH for 20 miles without pedaling, and this makes it a practical alternative for short commuter trips.

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