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Archival Mining’s video stock footage clips are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips viewable for historical and archival purposes.

Underground Mine Stills - Archival - vs0535
4 Clips TRT 1:00
Static shots of four photos of underground mining. Shots contain heavy equipment used in mining and show the rock walls of a mine. Circa 1970s. QuickTime Preview Here

Zonolite Vermiculite Mine - Archival - vs0536
31 Clips TRT 4:29
Black and white clips of a Zonolite vermiculite mining operation. Shots of a dragline excavator bucket and shots of a stripping shovel moving earth. Trucks carrying ore and moving mining equipment. Explosives detonating on hillside. Circa 1920s. QuickTime Preview Here

Zonolite Vermiculite Mine - Archival-1 - vs0537
71 Clips TRT 25:27
Views of a Zonolite vermiculite mining operation. Pans of mine on hillside and surrounding forested areas. Haul trucks being loaded by stripping shovel, driving, and dumping payload into a chute. Processing facility under construction. Circa 1950s. QuickTime Preview Here - Part 2

Vermiculite Ore Samples - vs0538
13 Clips TRT 2:49
Close ups of vermiculite ore sample packages. Packaging text includes "Hold a Lighted Match to a Particle of Vermiculite and WATCH IT EXPAND!" Close ups of the textured surface of vermiculite. QuickTime Preview Here

Vermiculite Ads, Fliers, Mine Maps - vs0539
34 Clips TRT 6:23
Static shots, pans, and zooms of Zonolite vermiculite ads, fliers, and mine maps. Pan down from drawing of man pouring bag of insulation to text stating "Permanent as the Earth Itself." Flyer headline - "Do You Know What Your Heat Losses Cost You Daily?" QuickTime Preview Here

Abandoned Mine, Butte, Montana - vs0540
2 Clips TRT 0:47
Wideshot pans of an abandoned mine in Butte, Montana, showing stripped and tiered rock walls. Circa 1950s. QuickTime Preview Here

Arizona Asbestos Mining - Archival - vs0541
8 Clips TRT 0:54
Close up of seams of asbestos with a hand pulling fibrous strands from it. Close up of hands pulling apart a piece of asbestos showing its fibrous quality. Donkeys exiting a mine and carrying packs on a hillside trail. Black and white, circa 1950s. QuickTime Preview Here

Quebec Asbestos Mining - Archival - vs0542
25 Clips TRT 1:53
Shots of mine workers setting explosives on a rocky hillside. Explosion with dust cloud. Workers hammering asbestos into small pieces. Steam shovel loading rail cars. Asbestos being processed and moved on a conveyor belt. Wide shot pans of a Quebec mining town. Black and white, circa 1930s. QuickTime Preview Here

Quebec Asbestos Mining - Archival-1 - vs0543
23 Clips TRT 2:54
Includes pan of tiered asbestos mine in Quebec. Static shot of use of explosive. Stripping shovel loading haul truck. Mining car in tunnel is turned upside down to dump payload into rock crusher. Miner using a mining drill underground. Miners leaving the mine. Aerial wideshots. Sepia toned, circa 1950s. QuickTime Preview Here

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