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Landscaping, Parks, Recreation & Symbols’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase, and our individual clips are no longer available from Green Stock Media. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.

Residential Riding Lawn Mower - vs0002
12 Clips TRT 3:08 Price: $89.00
Elderly woman skillfully drives residential riding lawn mower. Shots of cutting grass on green lawn with lots of fall leaves, mowing past mailboxes and driveway, making turns and cutting around trees. Close-ups and wide shots of mower in action. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | Details & To Purchase>>

Flowers In Parks & Streetscapes - vs0120
14 Clips TRT 3:06 Price: $59.00
Shots of colorful flowers in a park with pedestrian walkways, a family picnic, a group of people dancing, and a couple sitting on a bench. Other shots of flowers in streetside raised beds, in an urban plaza, and hanging from a lamppost in pots. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

People Enjoying Public Parks - vs0122
11 Clips TRT 1:55 Price: $59.00
A girl sits under a large tree. Girls play volleyball. A couple with a baby picnics on a lawn. A large group of people circle dance. An elderly couple sits on a park bench. People admire a calm pond - includes reflection close-up. Large groups of kids play in the water at a lake. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Flowers In Residential Landscaping - vs0124
6 Clips TRT 0:52 Price: $49.00
Shots of a row of flowers from ground level - along walkway with house in background and with fence and blooming tree. Moderate close-ups of flowers moving slowly in a light breeze. One shot with watering can and wall. Daffodils and resplendent pink flowers. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Urban Park Ponds & Pools - vs0126
7 Clips TRT 1:09 Price: $59.00
A family admires a calm pond - includes a close-up of their reflections in the water. Shot of pool surrounded by colorful vegetation. Pond with gulls and ducks. People passing by on walkway. Shots of pond with fountain spouting water. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Miami Park With A "Walden Pond" - vs0317
1 Clip TRT 0:17 Price: $49.00
This shot zooms out from a close-up of a "Walden Pond" sign to show a pond and park in background then pans from the park to an adjacent wide street with cars driving by and palm trees in the distance. Miami, Florida. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Fireworks Display - vs0449
1 Clip TRT 0:22 Price: $49.00
One shot of a fireworks display in total darkness. Begins as a wide shot showing fireworks being shot from the ground and exploding in air, and then zooms in for closer view of the colorful explosions. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Urban Water Amenities - vs0530
5 Clips TRT 0:17 Price: $49.00
Man and child on bridge above lake with sail boats and houses in background. People picnicking with large ferry passing by in background. Families enjoying a large urban fountain. Pond with red water lily, lily pads, and orange fish. Ferry passing urban area including the Seattle Space Needle tower. Very short clips. Circa 1960s. QuickTime Preview Here | Public Domain | View Stills>>

Turfgrass Landscaping - vs0571
20 Clips TRT 4:34 Price: $59.00
Diverse shots of turfgrass landscaping including shopping mall parking lot and entryway, city parks and roadsides, individual residences, commercial properties, housing development, cemetery, restaurant, and motels. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

United States Flag - vs0572
18 Clips TRT 4:58 Price: $69.00
Views of the United States flag in settings including next to motel, above a family restaurant, next to a fast food restaurant sign, on a "Thanks for traveling" banner, at car dealerships, at a lumber mill, above two dams, on a billboard, and next to roadway with traffic. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

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