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EcoIntelligence sustainability articles, speeches, and interviews.Articles and other written resources (including reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts) with a broad focus on sustainability, or on several of the issues that together comprise the substance of sustainability, are included in this section. Other sections of the articles collection focus on individual topics.

Since many environmental and sustainability issues are highly interrelated, it is common to focus on clusters of topics. Renewable energy and energy conservation are often joined with green building and climate change. Likewise, community planning and design are often combined with transportation and air quality. Business and the economy are frequently paired with industry and manufacturing. Water supply, agriculture, and protecting nature are similarly often connected. The connections are endless, and this page is devoted to written resources that involve such relationships.

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Promise Ahead: Is Humanity Growing Up? Book excerpt by Duane Elgin. A breathtaking view of the future relevant to anyone seeking to navigate through our profoundly changing world. From an insightful and inspiring book Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanity's Future (Buy Here >>). The sequel to Elgin's bestselling 1981 classic Voluntary Simplicity. Book Excerpt >> Buy Here >> More about Duane Elgin >>

American Scientist On Plan B 2.0. Interview with Lester Brown. The Worldwatch Institute founder answers questions about his book, Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble. He discusses the interrelationship between peak oil, water shortages, and global warming, the effect of China's emerging economy, economic globalization, the role of new technologies, and prospect of an ecological tipping point. Interview >>

You’re A Good Man. Interview with Lester Brown. Brown founded the Worldwatch Institute, one of the first think tanks to focus on the global environmental situation. In this in-depth interview, he discusses his book, Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble. It details the environmental issues we face, such as climate change and population growth, and the systemic retooling necessary to achieve an environmentally sustainable economy and avoid disaster. Interview >>

Overcoming The Seven Sustainability Blunders. Article by Bob Doppelt. Doppelt spent three years researching how public and private organizations have approached the issue of sustainability. He explains why so few have successfully adopted sustainability measures and why those that do often fall short of making the jump from rhetoric to action. Article >> More about Bob Doppelt >>

Coalition for a Livable Future. Presentation by Denis Hayes. Keynote address at the Regional Livability Summit in Portland, OR. Coordinator of the first Earth Day, Hayes gives an account of the civil rights movement and the important parallels and lessons to be learned for the success of modern environmentalism. He discusses the importance of being politically active and the need to motivate through hope rather than fear. Presentation >> More about Denis Hayes >>

Preparing To Live In The Next Millennium. Presentation excerpts by Denis Hayes. Hayes suggests that in the grand scheme of things modern era historic events like World War II may be no more than footnotes compared to the environmental impact people are having on the planet today. Presentation Excerpts >> More about Denis Hayes >>

Strategy For A Green Century. Interview with Huey Johnson. Responding to global climate change means thinking big. Changes in personal lifestyle are extremely important - but so are massive programs involving broad coalitions of citizens, lawmakers, and long-range planners. Johnson discusses his involvement in politics and policy, including implementation of an environmental protection program in California and the Green Century Project. Interview >> More about Huey Johnson >>

On The Future. Presentation by Huey Johnson. Johnson shares his thoughts on what life might be like in 2020. "The Bay Area in 2020 can be a disaster, or it can be a glorious, bright future. I see this as very critically hinged to environment. Much of it will be decided by priorities. We now know enough to solve the environmental problems that we face, but we have no support to do it." Presentation >> More about Huey Johnson >>

White Hunter, Green Heart. Interview with Huey Johnson. Long before global warming entered the national lexicon, before the EPA was established and the first Earth Day celebrated, Huey Johnson was working toward making the world—and the county—a greener place. And he's still at it. Interview >> More about Huey Johnson >>

New Paradigm For Local Government. Article by Dennis Church. The pressure on governments at all levels to change they way they do business is growing steadily. Public confidence in governmental institutions is low. Polls show many people feel a deep anxiety about the future. People no longer take a better future for their children as an article of faith. Article >>

An additional collection of articles on Sustainability & Integral Issues is available from The EcoIQ Magazine here.

Conference & Campus Speakers On
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