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Turtles, Water, Sun & Rocks

Turtles sunning on rocks, climbing out of pond, slipping off and knocking each other off rocks, and swimming.

3 Stock Video Clips TRT: 2 Minutes 09 Seconds

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About The Clips: Medium shot of a small turtle sunning itself on a rock adjacent to a pond. A larger turtle tries to pull itself up on the rocks where the small turtle is resting. The large turtle touches the small turtle's shell as it is trying to pull itself out. Just as it is almost up on the rock, it slips back into the water and pulls the small turtle off the rock. Both disappear beneath the water, causing small ripples. Wide shot of a calm pond with a turtle on a rock in the right foreground. Rocks and green plants are on the side of the pond in the background. The shot zooms in on two turtles struggling to pull themselves out of the water and onto a rock. Both make some progress, but then slip back a bit. One turtle finally succeeds in getting onto the rock, but the other slips back into the water. Medium shot looking down at the pond with one turtle swimming in the water, one turtle climbing out of the water, and another turtle sitting on a rock. The turtle on the rock pushes itself off the rock, slides into the water, and swims out of view.

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